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Miami Translations Services, managed by Dagoberto Rodriguez & Associates. We are a group of certified translators near you, providing professional translations. We have come together to offer you a serious and direct service, without agencies or intermediaries. For more than 5 years, we have been working uninterruptedly, providing our clients with the most complete Translation Services for public and literary translations, with efficiency in accordance with the highest quality standards. In our daily work, we translate any type of document from Spanish to English and vice versa. However, being active members of the ATA and CTP, we have translators for all existing languages ​​and dialects. Apart from the aforementioned languages, any of the following translations are the most requested: from and to Italian, Portuguese, French, etc.

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The quality of our Translation Services has always been and will continue to be our primary objective. Each of our projects is coordinated by experienced professionals (Registered Sworn Translators) who have outstanding language skills and extensive knowledge of the cultural differences that exist between Spanish and English speakers, so your documents will not only be translated, but also adapted to the recipient and their cultural environment, since culture cannot be separated from language.

Philosophy in Relation to Miami Translation Services

Our philosophy is based on quality. Using a poorly written translation can seriously harm your business as it sends a negative message about your products and services. The translations of the Mariela C. Blanco & Asociados studio are always top quality so that the final message accurately conveys your ideas and concepts.

Policy Regarding Miami Translation Services

Our policy is, therefore, to provide a complete and quality service, adjusted to the needs of those companies and individuals who need the support and assistance of a team of professionals in the translation of their documentation.- For your greater comfort, we have commercial offices in the City of Miami, Florida.


Spanish <> English <> French <> Italian <> German <> Portuguese <> Romanian

Translation of official documents from Spanish to English


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) requires the applicant, when presenting their documents in a language other than English, that they be accompanied by a Certified Translation into the English language.

  • We guarantee USCIS acceptance of all our certified translated documents. Translations are done by 100% human native language translators. If you require 24-hour service, we have that too. We offer the fastest, most accurate and affordable translation service for your documents.
  • The degree of accreditation of translations varies from country to country, as do immigration requirements. If you are applying for a visa in the United States, you may need to submit your documentation in English.
  • Immigration document translation services
  • USCIS certified translation
  • Document translation services for USCIS
  • Translation of non-English documents for immigration to the US

There are many types of immigration documents that need Translation Services for your visa or Residency application. The most common are:

  • Birth certificates of the applicant and their children
  • Certificates or Marriage Certificates
  • Degree certificates and transcripts
  • Bank statements

Every case is different. In general, any other required evidence, if it is not in English, will need a Certified Translation.

Services that Miami Translation Services offers.

Certified Translations Services USA Offers a wide range of services to meet your language needs. Our Certified Translations are accepted by all government and private organizations, including schools, colleges and universities.

We offer you an affordable certified translation service, backed by our ATA & CPT certification, which are 100% accepted by USCIS and many other government and educational centers in the United States, including internationally.

  • private

  • public

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Divorce Resolution

  • Birth Certificate

  • Death Certificate

  • Websites

  • School Transcripts

  • Titles

  • Location

  • Transcription

  • Legalization & Apostilles

Private Translation Services

If you need to translate a document into English or Spanish for work, social or personal reasons, trust those who know.

Our translations look original: we respect their content and also their format. We will deliver an impeccable job.

Private translations, as the title describes, “Private”. They are not for legal use, therefore they do not need to be Notarized. However, our standard is to deliver all translations with the Translator’s seal and endorse the signature of the same by a Notary. If you want to use the document publicly in the future, you can use it.

Public Translation Services

Sworn translations are documents that need the stamp and signature of a professional registered with the Association of Sworn Translators. For a translation to be valid before a public body (consulate, embassy, ​​ministry of the nation, etc.), it must be legalized by a Notary Public and for international purposes it must be Apostilled.

If you want to apply for citizenship of another country or begin studies in a foreign country, it is likely that certain documents must be accompanied by their respective official translation.
We have personnel specialized in a wide range of legal and commercial knowledge that guarantee the quality and compliance with all the formalities of the sworn translations that we deliver.

Review and correction of your Translation

You have prepared a document, but do you need a language professional to make it perfect?

We know that good communication is essential for success. Nothing better than a well-written text without errors of any kind to make a good impression and stand out from the rest.

Translation Services for web pages

In the era of globalization, there are no more distances than those of language and culture. Our team of Translators helps you bridge the gap and offer your services to literally the entire world.
A well-translated website is essential to attracting clients: leave your words in our hands and prepare yourself for success.

Localization of your Translation

Do you need to adapt a message or product to a different culture?

We transfer your ideas to other contexts and adapt your products to the needs of the local market. We localize web pages, software, games and advertising campaigns.

Audio or Video Transcription

If you have an audio or video file and need to convert it into written format, We’ll take care of it.

Legalización & Apostilla

With at least 15 years of experience in the Legalization and Apostille process for documents originated in the United States.

In some cases, if certified copies are required, even when they are from another country, we can Legalize or Apostille them. For more information, visit our page:

Translation of Marriage Records

Many places in the world require the translation and Apostille of the Marriage Certificate to validate the act performed in another country. We offer a fast and safe service.

Translation Resolution of Divorce

As with marriage certificates, to validate divorces internationally, the Translation and Apostille of the divorce resolution is required. Service that we prestigiously offer.

Birth Certificate Translation

The Translation and Apostille of a Birth Certificate is generally required to register a child in the country of their Parents, for purposes of marriage in other countries, even for claims related to inheritance. There are many acts that require a Translated and Apostilled Birth Certificate.

Death Certificate Translation

These documents are widely used to manage inheritance procedures in other countries. To request a death certificate online visit

Translation Titles and Transcripts

Like many other international procedures, Translation and Apostille of Transcripts is something common. Contact us to help you with your situation.


What countries does the USA Certified Translations service cover?​

As we have the two most globally recognized Certifications, ATA & CPT, the vast majority of countries will accept our translation. Experience tells us that problems occur when documentation is submitted with the wrong support.

Every international document must be supported by an Apostille or Legalization. These processes are completely different. There are countries that are members of the Hague Convention and others that are not.

For the Translation to be valid internationally, it must be submitted accompanied by the support required by the receiving country. In some cases the Apostille, in others the Legalization.

Generally, legalizing a document in the United States means doing the process before the state where the document originates, then presenting it to the State Department to finally obtain the seal before the embassy of the country where the document will be presented. This process takes 2-3 months.

However, Apostille in the United States means doing the process before the state where the document originates. It’s a matter of one or two weeks. If it is a Federal document, then the step of filing with the Department of State is added. This next step will take at least 4 additional weeks.

For International translations, Legalization or Apostille is imperative, as the case may be.

For more information on this topic, please contact us.




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We are a leading provider of comprehensive language solutions. Our work philosophy is based on customer satisfaction and a passion for excellence. At Certified Translations USA we use a work methodology that guarantees clear and successful communication in all cases. We offer a full range of linguistic services: public and private translations, corrections, revisions, transcriptions. For translations generated by us in the USA, which will be presented internationally, we provide Legalization and Apostille services. Additionally, we are designers of Web pages and we offer the service of positioning them in Google.

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