We are a professional office of certified Public Translators: English & Spanish. We have associated translators for many other languages, the most common being Portuguese, Italian or French.

We carry out public, technical, legal, medical, commercial, accounting and literary translations, among others, covering all fields of science, technology, law and economics, among others.

We are known for offering:
– Personalized translation service that exceeds the strictest quality controls.
– On-time delivery and ability to meet the shortest lead times.
– Translations at really competitive prices.
– Fast and reliable service.

We also carry out procedures before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, managing both Legalizations and Apostilles within the territory of the United States. For more information regarding this service, you can contact us directly or visit our subsidiary page:

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our services.


  • Audio to text translation.
  • Text to audio translations.
  • Preparation of text summaries.
  • Correction of texts Video to text translation
  • Translations of Technical Manuals

Language Teaching

We also offer English and Spanish language teaching services, either privately or “in company”.

English language

Our methods are characterized by being basically communicative and personalized, which implies a very close follow-up of the level reached by the student in the skills that he needs to develop in order to be able to use the language for the practical purposes that he wishes. Our method is not exclusive for Spanish-speaking people, we focus from the first moment on teaching the English Language, therefore, regardless of the student’s mother tongue.

Spanish Language

We also offer among our services the teaching of the Spanish language to all foreigners, English-speaking or any other language, who wish to learn this Castilian.



We are a leading provider of comprehensive language solutions. Our work philosophy is based on customer satisfaction and a passion for excellence. At Certified Translations USA we use a work methodology that guarantees clear and successful communication in all cases. We offer a full range of linguistic services: public and private translations, corrections, revisions, transcriptions. For translations generated by us in the USA, which will be presented internationally, we provide Legalization and Apostille services. Additionally, we are designers of Web pages and we offer the service of positioning them in Google.

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Warrantee is limited to the value of the work we have performed. 

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